Just a woman

I know I can’t speak for all women but I can speak for myself. Being a woman is so complicated. Just figuring out your mans wants and needs and how to make him understand what yours are. I’ve read so many articles on how to ” seduce” your man. In the end it’s a box with no key. They tell you get dressed up show him affection,but when your fixing dinner and the juice from your pan jumps up and hits what your wearing!  Ugh.. Then he points that out but not that you put on that perfume for him today. What to do…… I’ve spent the last year figuring out that his way of showing love is being comfortable enough to pass gas in front of me. I am just in utter loneliness trying to find a way to get him to tell me the things I like to hear. He thinks I’m amazing, he wants only me for the rest of his life, he appreciates everything I attempt to do for him, that he loves me the way I am……  Just now as I am pouring all that out .. I am pondering…. Maybe he doesn’t……


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