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Today’s a new day/my son 

So today is the beginning of the year. My son is home from his dads. Now I get to break the many habits he has from being their. I also get the joy of not being alone all the time anymore as well. My son is good company. He always has a funny story, new voice he’s been working on , or a warm ” I love you “, waiting for me. He is growing up so fast. Before summer started he wore a five and a half shoe size. Now he comes back and he’s wearing a seven and a half. Man, kids don’t come with a manual. I am all the time researching ,”how to make my little man respectful”. That will be one of my biggest accomplishments… For him to be happy , a good man, a good husband and a good father. 


Women’s expectations ???

How can We women be so many things???? The vision of perfection in their minds, get everything done under and over expectations?? Why are the expectations so high? How can we be this perfect image….Barbie doll type figure ( heals, makeup, perfect blemish free skin) while having the lawn mowed, Windows dusted, house immaculate. is this even possible ???? #tiredwoman #needanswers