Men vrs women

These days I spend my time pondering the differences in ” showing love”, from men and women. Myself as a woman my mission is to please my man. I cook,I clean, I do the laundry ,I try to nurture , and I am vocal and also physical. From my experience men show they love to a woman by” taking care of her”. Paying the bills, fixing the toilet, asking if she needs anything from the store, and every once in a while if it’s a good stress free day you get that amazing smile. It’s that smile that makes everything else worth it. The thankless hours of hoping things are enough in the house. The hours of wondering whom he may be talking to that makes him see me so little and incompetent. These are the things that go through my mind, hoping things aren’t as bad as a crazy lonely mind makes them out to be. Due to loving him I put it on the back burner and enjoy the smile when I get it and when I don’t,I long for it or the touch of his hand. So where is the bridge between men vrs women?


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